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Toys2000 is a unique toy company that offers a variety
of educational toys and scientific sets to stimulate 
imagination, creativity, and learning.  Our mission 
is to give children the opportunity to learn and gain
skills while playing and having fun!  Each of our 
educational toys and sets help children find new interests and hobbies, while gaining tons of knowledge they could not gain with any normal toy.  Toys2000's quality educational toys encourage creative and imaginative play in several areas - pretend play, active play, music, construction, games, history and art.

New Products

213 Piece M-Gears Wireless Remote Control Car

Grand Prix Racer that will entertain kids for hours! This M-Gears set is a fun toy with an educational edge.  Sure to bring out talent and set imaginations in motion while creating the ultimate racing vehicle.  Using color-coded instructions, kids can build remote control racers or build their very own supercharger.  Great educational toy that will give kids the skill of constructing and building!


350 Piece M-Gears Motorized Building Set

The Ultimate M-Gears Building Set!  Guaranteed to provide lots of fun and entertainment!  With 350 colorful pieces and over 10 models, there are endless opportunities.  Set imaginations in motion with this deluxe set!  Will teach how to construct and build various sets from models and from one's own imagination.  Create a helicopter, street scooter, robot, airplane, bulldozer and much more!


28 Piece Student Microscope Set

Microscope SET for students and beginning scientists!  Contains 28 pieces and features 100X, 300X, and 600X magnification.  Great educational toy and tool for kids and students to view bugs, plants, hair, and anything else of interest to them.  Learn about the world of science while discovering the world around you!  


Space Age CRYSTAL Growing Kit

This Crystal Growing Kit will turn any ordinary rock into sparkling crystal treasures! This kit is a fascinating experience for children and adults.   Just dissolve the crystal growing chemical in hot water, place a rock into the solution, and watch how crystals grow on it.  Discover the laws of nature which create crystals inside the Earth.  Wonderful educational toy and science kit!


Saber Toothed Cat Fossil KIT

This kit allows children and students to experience the thrill of a fossil dig as they unearth, restore and display the remains of prehistoric life!  Just like real paleontologists they will dig into soft clay-like sediments and carefully excavate layer upon layer to gradually uncover the hidden remains.  Once cleaned and restored with the accessories included in the kid, they may proudly display their findings.  This is definitely a great educational set that will not only entertain, but provide lots of knowledge to children and students!


Fingerprinting Science Kit

Use actual police and FBI methods to take the finger prints. This advanced fingerprinting kit is a great educational toy and science kit in that it includes material and instruction manual to make you familiar with fingerprinting science. Learn how to find hidden fingerprints on light or dark surfaces and make them visible. If you want to do fingerprinting as your science project for school, you can research on substitute material and tools used for fingerprinting. You can also perform genetic studies to see the relation between fingerprints in a family.

Science for fun

In searching the internet for science supplies and science projects you may come across many confusing websites.  I have devoted hours upon hours reading these sites and I have found some interesting results. is a great resource for all kinds of science projects in several age groups.  In my discussions with the website development staff I had found that they are competent and very knowledgeable in the area.  Each project has a specific designer who has professional expertise in the projects assigned to them for development.  The site not only offers access to students, but also parents and teachers.  In this way teachers can use these projects in their classroom.  This way the teachers are aware of what the students are doing and can lend additional support. is a great resource for scientific supplies and science kits.  Many of the projects from require different components that may be hard to find. closely cooperates with to ensure that the needs are met within each kit produced.  The website also offers other fun kits that can stimulate learning.

The prices of these websites are very competitive and the content can be trusted. 




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